Over 180 Years In The Shipping Sector​

A long history of service!

In 1837 Mr. Lewis Gellie Hamilton, a Scottish gentleman from Greenock, set up in Tenerife, with his old employee, the Company BRUCE HAMILTON & CO., dedicated mainly in trading with Europe and the care of the ships that arrived to the Island. In 1839, the Company was nominated Lloyd’s Agents.

Soon after, Mr. Hamilton acquired Mr. Bruce’s participation and the Company change it’s name to HAMILTON & COMPANY.


It was at the time when the Canaries, due to their ideal location, served as a base for repleneshing coal, provisions and for resting before facing the long journey ahead.

Other aspects of HAMILTON’S business where those of wine and cochineal export and banana production.


The Offshore rig projects started at the port of Las Palmas with the Sedco Express in 2000, attended by our company. Since then we have attended the majority of the offshore projects at Las Palmas. We as shipping agents with 175 years experience, handle among other services, port clearance, pilotage, mooring/unmooring, tugs requirements, stevedoring and cargo operation of supply vessels, rig cargo logistics (sea & air freights), warehousing, clearance and delivery. Container handling (stuffing/ unstuffing, securing, etc.)., cranes, forklifts, trucks. Project team, crew and 3rd parties logistics (hotels, meals, transfers, etc.). Bunkers brokers, gas cylinders refiling, manpower (riggers, forklift drivers, etc.) and any other service required within the workscope of the project.

Hamilton is a private company whose management is aiming to achieve client satisfaction by introducing high quality services with reasonable prices, providing services 24/7 as well as being certified by Lloyd’s Register since April 2001.


  • Naval Repairs.
  • Possibility to establish logistical bases where it is required.


Naval Repairs is a core area of our expertise, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all types of vessels. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art facilities ensure high-quality workmanship, from routine servicing to complex overhauls. We focus on minimizing downtime and extending the operational life of your fleet, with a commitment to safety, efficiency, and the highest industry standards.


Our Logistical Bases serve as strategic hubs, providing a comprehensive range of services to support operations in transportation, warehousing, and distribution.


We have been attending liners and cruises since 1840 in the Canarian ports.

At the beginning of 20th century Hamilton y Cia. represented companies such as The Union Castle Line, The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co, New Zealand Shipping Co., Woermann Linie, Cunard Steam Ship Co.Ltd. P & o, White Star line, among others facilitating the approach of the tourism to this área.



we focus on the efficient supply of fuel for ships. Our comprehensive service ensures the provision of high-quality marine fuels and lubricants, tailored to meet the specific needs of your vessels.


Specializing in Ground Services, our team ensures seamless cargo handling, warehousing, and distribution operations. With skilled personnel and advanced equipment, we manage efficient loading, unloading, and secure storage of goods.


In Cargo Logistics, our expertise lies in orchestrating the seamless flow of goods from origin to destination. We handle every aspect of the logistics chain, including transportation, warehousing, and distribution, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.


Committed to innovation and efficiency, we ensure that complex challenges are overcome with professionalism and care. Our focus is on offering a superior quality experience, ensuring total satisfaction of all your logistics needs.


we focus on the efficient supply of fuel for ships. Our comprehensive service ensures the provision of high-quality marine fuels and lubricants, tailored to meet the specific needs of your vessels. ​


we specialize in the global transportation of goods via ocean routes. Our services cater to various cargo types, including containerized, bulk, and break-bulk, ensuring safe and efficient delivery.


Container Handling is our specialty, focusing on the efficient and safe management of containerized cargo. Utilizing advanced equipment and skilled personnel, we excel in loading, unloading, stacking, and storing containers at ports and terminals.


In Crane and Truck Transport, our expertise extends to the seamless integration of heavy lifting and overland transportation. Our fleet includes high-capacity cranes for precise load handling and a variety of trucks for diverse transport needs.


We ensure a safe, reliable, and efficient supply of various gases. Our state-of-the-art refilling stations are equipped to handle different types of gas cylinders, adhering to the highest safety standards


We offer both Open and Sheltered storage solutions to accommodate a diverse range of goods. Our open storage is ideal for oversized or heavy-duty equipment, providing easy access and flexibility.


We specialize in supporting offshore operations with a fleet designed for the transport of equipment, supplies, and personnel to and from offshore facilities. Our vessels are equipped with the latest technology and safety features to ensure reliable and efficient service in challenging marine environments.


We specialize in overseeing and directing the safe loading, unloading, and movement of goods and equipment on work sites and ports. Our experienced team ensures efficient coordination of operations, maintaining clear communication and using precise hand and radio signals to guide crane operators and truck drivers.

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