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Transcoma is one of the largest private maritime transport and logistics companies in Spain, with more than 200 years experience in the shipping market attending national and international ports with  its own offices and reliable local partners that provide services to vessels and their cargoes, offering integrated maritime logistics solutions.

Our commitment to innovation helps us meet and surpass expectations, while professionalism and teamwork form the core of our success.

Our experienced team in the shipping industry offers personalized solutions for our clients’ unique needs, providing around the-clock service to ensure smooth operations.

Leveraging advanced data systems, we optimize administrative tasks, with a strong emphasis on secure, safe, and ecofriendly practices.


With our strategic presence in major Spanish ports, we take pride in delivering top-notch services, leveraging local expertise to ensure customer satisfaction. Our commitment to continuous innovation and cost-effective solutions is key to our approach. We aim to be more than just a service provider; we aspire to be a trusted partner in Spain and Gibraltar, helping our clients to expand and enhance their business.

Our team, driven by a mix of experience and a strong motivation to excel, is dedicated to provide premier service, proactively addressing and mitigating potential issues. The effectiveness of our operations is due from our excellent relationship with local professionals, including terminal workers, inspectors, and public administration officials. This positive relationship, cultivated over many years, is continuously nurtured to further strengthen our collaborative ties.

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With our established offices in both Gibraltar and Algeciras, we are well-positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of services to meet all our customers’ requirements. This strategic presence enables us to seamlessly coordinate activities across both ports, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness in our operations.


In Gibraltar, which is not part of the Schengen area, crew changes can be facilitated without a Schengen Visa; an OKTB (Okay to Board) and a letter to the airline are sufficient for crew embarkation. The range of maritime services offered includes:

  • Boat services, such as OPL (Off-Port Limits) for slower deliveries and crew changes.
  • Hull cleaning and underwater inspections to ensure vessel integrity and performance.
  • Ship-to-ship operations, capable of being conducted either at anchorage or with direct access to floating storage, for efficient cargo transfer.
  • Access to workshops for repair and maintenance needs.
  • Bunker and lube oil deliveries, which can be conducted simultaneously to optimize time.
  • Disposal services for slops and sludge, ensuring environmental compliance.
  • Supply of non-potable water.
  • Assistance with vessel re-delivery or change of vessel name procedures.
  • Availability of dry dock facilities for major repairs and maintenance.
  • Provision of medical services, including vaccinations, directly at anchorage for convenience.
  • Lay-by berth and inner anchor positions for bunkering, providing a sheltered spot for refueling.
  • Cash to Master (CTM) services, available both at anchorage or alongside the dock.
  • Renewal of SSEC (Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate) in the anchorage area, ensuring health compliance.

These services are designed to support the operational needs of vessels while ensuring compliance, safety, and efficiency.


In Algeciras, a comprehensive range of maritime services is provided to support vessel operations, including:

  • Issuance of invitation letters for on signers and transit visas for off signers, facilitating crew changes.
  • Boat services are available, including OPL (Off-Port Limits) activities, even during slower periods for deliveries and crew changes.
  • Hull cleaning and underwater inspections are permitted in the waters of Algeciras, ensuring vessel maintenance and compliance.
  • Provision of Nitrogen and LPG for gassing up, available alongside the vessel for convenience.
  • Access to workshops for repair and maintenance needs.
  • Deliveries of additives and doping services at anchorage, enhancing fuel efficiency and compliance.
  • Concurrent bunker and lube oil deliveries, optimizing refueling operations.
  • Disposal services for slops and sludge, adhering to environmental regulations.
  • Supply of fresh water, potable, for onboard consumption.
  • Availability of dry dock facilities for extensive repairs and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive medical services to ensure the health and safety of the crew.
  • Connection for spares with our own warehouse located at San Roque, ensuring quick and efficient access to necessary parts.
  • Cash to Master (CTM) services, provided both at anchorage and alongside the dock, for operational ease.

These services are designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of vessels while docked in Algeciras, covering all essential needs from maintenance to crew welfare.


The port of Ceuta, strategically located on the North African coast at the Strait of Gibraltar, is an advantageous spot for shipping activities, especially for bunkering operations. The port has restrictions of approximately 250 meters in length overall (LOA) and a maximum draft of 10.2 meters.

Ceuta offers competitive port rates and provides versatile bunkering options, including ex-pipe services at berth and the availability of barges for anchorage deliveries. The continuous ferry services from Algeciras, running every hour, facilitate the efficient delivery of spares and enable prompt crew changes when necessary.

There is a notable trend where vessels, particularly those with LOA restrictions that prevent them from bunkering in Algeciras or Gibraltar (usually vessels less than 100 meters in LOA), opt for Ceuta as their bunkering destination due to its capability to supply fuel ex-pipe. This makes Ceuta an attractive alternative for such vessels seeking reliable and efficient bunkering services.


Agility is a key advantage at the last delivery point after the Mediterranean Sea, facilitating the combination of services such as crew changes in Gibraltar and the connection of spares and local supplies at Algeciras OPL. This area is known for being cost-effective, especially as a bunker hub with numerous suppliers, resulting in lower prices compared to other Spanish ports.

As logistic providers, we have our own warehouse strategically located near Algeciras and Gibraltar, enhancing our service capabilities. We also benefit from having customs offices at the Algeciras and Gibraltar border and at Malaga airport, streamlining the customs clearance process for our clients.

Our approach as a proactive service provider ensures first-class service by preventing potential problems before they occur. Additionally, our reactive capabilities mean that when the bunker port changes suddenly from Algeciras to Gibraltar, we can respond swiftly thanks to our presence in both ports, always aiming to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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In Tenerife and Las Palmas, both ports offer excellent locations for maritime operations. We have the flexibility to allocate operations to the most convenient port based on specific requirements. Services available in these locations include, but are not limited to, bunkering, crew changes, spares delivery, maintenance and repairs, and logistics support. This ensures that we can meet a wide range of customer needs efficiently and effectively.

Canary Islands

In Tenerife and Las Palmas, we offer a comprehensive suite of maritime services to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. These services include:

  • Boat Services: Including Off-Port Limits (OPL) operations for efficient deliveries and crew changes.
  • Hull Cleaning and Underwater Inspections: Essential for maintaining vessel integrity and performance.
  • Workshops: Access to facilities for repairs and maintenance.
  • Bunker and Lube Oil Deliveries: Ensuring vessels are fuelled and operational.
  • Slops and Sludge Disposal: Providing environmental compliance solutions.
  • Water Supply: Offering both potable and non-potable options.
  • Vessel Re-delivery or Change of Vessel Name: Facilitating administrative changes and compliance.
  • Dry Dock: Available for major repairs and maintenance.
  • Spares Connection: Efficient delivery of necessary parts and equipment.
  • Cash to Master (CTM): Secure financial transactions, available both at anchorage and alongside.
  • Ship Sanitation Exemption Certificate (SSEC) Renewal: Ensuring health and hygiene compliance at anchorage.
  • Canary Islands Register: Assistance with registration under the Canary Islands shipping registry for benefits and compliance.

Our strategic locations in Tenerife and Las Palmas allow us to provide these services efficiently, ensuring that our clients’ operations run smoothly and effectively.


Las Palmas and Tenerife offer strategic advantages for maritime operations, including cost and time-efficient OPL operations, a variety of berthing options, and competitive fuel prices due to a strong network of suppliers. Our comprehensive logistics support, facilitated by our own warehouse in Las Palmas, ensures seamless service delivery. We prioritize proactive problem-solving to maintain high service standards. Additionally, the geographical complementarity of Las Palmas and Tenerife allows for operational flexibility in varying sea or weather conditions. Our operations in the Canary Islands, under the HAMILTON Y CIA brand, guarantee reliability and expertise in the region’s robust maritime infrastructure.

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