Customized logistics and maritime solutions for more than 210 years

Transcoma Grupo Empresarial excels in offering a wide range of maritime services, freight forwarding, and international logistics solutions aimed at streamlining and improving supply chain efficiency.

Our broad network enables us to provide comprehensive services globally, which are customized across several sectors to speciafically address the needs of our clients.

We focus on providing tailored solutions that ensure that every stage of the logistics process is handled with skill and accuracy.

Dedicated to excellence and innovation, we have established ourselves as a reliable ally in promoting efficient and seamless global trade.


Our mission is to be the benchmark in the industry, embodying the concept of "We are one with infinite solutions", providing our clients with answers that adapt to their changing needs.


We position ourselves as leaders in the provision of customized services, designed to meet the needs of our clients at every stage of their development.

The values we live by

Human Capital​

Our success depends on talent, commitment and unity of our team.

Passion For Service​

We build loyalty through passion​

Excellence And Adaptation​

We seek excellence, adapting to changes and constantly improving to meet expectations.​

Our passion drives logistics forward

Value Proposal

We provide high quality maritime and logistics solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, but we also expand business opportunities for both our clients and our suppliers.

With access to a large consumer market worldwide, our global presence and logistical expertise enables us to effectively promote products and services through our extensive network of contacts. This approach ensure optimal expansion of your business opportunities, which will result in a significant increase in your sales.


Offices around the world
Clients served
+ 20000
Vessel Calls
+ 1000
Total tons Mobilized by air cargo
TEUS Total Customs Operations
+ 20000
Customs operations
+ 1000
Freight Forwarders
3PL operator and customs
Cargo consolidator, import and export
3PL operator and dangerous goods
Maritime Logistics and Shipping Services
Air, sea and land transportation of cargo and customs
Cruise ship services and logistics
Industrial and naval repair and maintenance
Shipping agent, tramp, liners and projects
Ports, maritime and global services
Maritime provisions
Customs agency
Freight management, customs

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